Vitamin Shots: The Who, What, Why, How & Where in Solana Beach

What are High Quality Vitamin Shots?

High quality vitamin shots consist of the Vitamin B’s, Vitamin C, Glutathione, NAD+, MIC and Traumeel. Each high quality shot is catered to address your health concerns and areas that you would like to improve. The different combinations are great for energy, mood, joint pain, inflammation, brain fog, athletic recovery, anti-aging, detox, liver health, metabolism, and weight loss. These are just a few of the many benefits or health concerns that vitamin injections aim to address.

Feel the Difference!

Registered nurses at MB Fit Studio in Solana Beach source from the highest quality pharmacies, ensuring they provide the most bioavailable and naturally occurring form of vitamin injections. The B12 used  is methylcobalamin, which is naturally occurring and found in different foods. Others may use cyanocobalamin, which is synthetic and harder for your body to process. While they are both forms of B12, methylcobalamin is a much better option for your body to be able to absorb. You can feel confident knowing the vitamin shots you receive from MB Fit Studio are top quality!

Why Get Vitamin Injections?

Everyday life contributes to the congestion and buildup of harmful toxins in the body. Between the processed foods, pollutants and stress this can lead to an unhealthy life experience. The high quality vitamin shots at MB Fit Studio aim to improve your quality of life by supporting the immune system, nourishing, detoxifying and rejuvenating the body, as well as targeting specific goals like increasing energy, elevating mood, improving focus, boosting vitality, promoting weight loss, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and balancing hormones!

How do Vitamin Injections Contribute to an Overall Feeling of Wellness?

Some people have trouble with nutrient absorption—from supplements or food—due to the presence of intestinal inflammation, poor gut health, or a deficiency of intrinsic factors—glycoprotein produced in the stomach that’s essential for B12 absorption. The vitamin shots at MB Fit Studio inject nutrients intramuscularly and thereby sidesteps this issue by delivering nutrients directly to the cells, feeding your body instantaneously for immediate utilization.

How to Get Vitamin Shots at MB Fit Studio in Solana Beach

MB Fit Studio is thrilled to offer high quality vitamin shots in our private treatment room. Receiving a vitamin injection from registered nurses is a very simple and quick process! For your first visit, before injecting the vitamins, the nurse will obtain your medical health history, go over consent forms and answer any questions you may have. It is important to let the nurses at MB Fit Studio know your health goals and what you would like to achieve with vitamin shots. The shot itself is very easy and patients are always shocked with how little, if not any, pain they feel!

Feel the difference high quality vitamin shots can provide.  MB Fit Studio is conveniently located at 811 Academy Drive in Solana Beach, parking is easily available and the vitamin shots at MB Fit Studio are administered in a professional setting and in an efficient manner on Mondays from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. Drop ins are welcome! Call us at 858-788-7191 or email


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Tracey Hall, Registered Nurse at MB Fit Studio in Solana Beach

Tracey Hall


Lauren Ocampo, Registered Nurse at MB Fit Studio in Solana Beach

Lauren Ocampo